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Our Mission and Values

Our mission is to serve as faithful stewards of capital and earn for our Investors extraordinary returns over the long-term.

We carry these values closely with us in both professional and personal settings.

Love our work: We love what we do and aspire to be the best globally. This means putting in the time and effort to perfect our craft, making sacrifices that others are unwilling to make, and not shying away from but embracing challenges that our work presents.

Have the confidence to be humble: Our work will speak for itself. Our job is to figure out what did and did not work and improve from there.

Be a good colleague in and outside of the Firm: Be fair. Be respectful. Maintain the highest ethical standards. Praise good work. In the face of work that falls short of expectations, help your colleague to improve by respectfully providing constructive feedback. Offer help when appropriate.

Invest in ourselves: The markets, service providers and available technology are continuously changing. Our capabilities must adapt as well and we will not hesitate to invest behind this effort. We think well-considered and ongoing investments in our Firm are some of the best ROI opportunities we can find.

Maximize alignment: We have constructed our Firm, Fund and Investment Policies to maximize alignment to our Mission, Values and Approach. Often, this will mean saying "no" to seemingly attractive near-term opportunities if they are not aligned to our long-term goals.

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