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Investment Approach

We employ a fundamental, multi-year investment strategy expressed through a concentrated portfolio.

What do we seek? We find and invest behind exceptional management teams who are building high-quality emerging growth businesses in the Asia-Pacific region. We form trusted partnerships with our managers by providing patient capital, as well as periodic advice and support.

What do we do? We make investment decisions based on detailed research into company fundamentals. Our research process focuses on the people behind the business, the quality of the business model, its competitive position and structural industry trends. We refine our investment framework to establish a repeatable decision-making process over time. Few of the companies we invest in are well understood by the market. This creates a robust opportunity set on which we can capitalize.

What is our investment time horizon? We invest in companies and sectors where time is on our side. Our investments have multi-year or even multi-decade long tailwinds of growth. We intend to be part of that journey.

How do we construct our Portfolio? Experience tells us that there are only a handful of truly exceptional investment opportunities at any given point in time. We focus our resources, efforts and capital on these highly select situations and forego the rest. We will get more by doing less.

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